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Thank you for supporting the 5th Caterham Festival. We had 138 events, mostly free in and around Caterham so I like to think there was something for everyone.

I would particularly like to thank The ARC, Tandridge Trust and Surrey Libraries who ran many of the events.  Without these groups there wouldn’t have been so much fun last June.

I know we will never please everyone and I did have a complaint that everything was on the Hill, nothing could be further from the truth.  I can’t do anything about the locations such as the De Stafford Sports Centre or The Arc, where many events took place, but neither can I do anything about the United Reformed Church, East Surrey Museum, Caterham Valley Library, The Miller centre, St Johns Church, Croydon Road or Caterham School where many more events took place

As a committee we only organise a few events, but co-ordinate and encourage other groups to run exciting, though provoking  and interesting events for you, the local community.

If you would like to run an event as part of the Festival please contact me on info@caterhamfestival.org

This time last year we were rather short of money. We knew there was enough in the account to run a Festival, but cash flow would be a big problem, and there would have been nothing left for 2014.  Our accounts haven’t been finally au

dited but with the success of De Fest, sponsorship by Round Table for the Street Party, donations received from local traders and advertising in the Festival programme – included in the centre pages of the Caterham Independent, we are able to continue

It is taken a few years, but the Festival logo, our Festival brand, is now recognised across the District, where you see the logo you know you will have a good time, good fun and get value for money.

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I would like to thank all those who have volunteered to assist us over the years, from organising events, stewarding or just running a small game.  There are too many people to name here but a special thank you to the organising committees. And finally a special thank you to all the staff at Tandridge Council who get many odd requests from me and assist us with many different tasks.  Six years ago I never thought we would be allowed to close the High Street, then we closed the Croydon Road and diverted buses, now we dig holes in the local park!

Andy Parr

Chairman, Caterham Festival


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