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Well, time to start again.  This will be the sixth Caterham Festival.  Things got a bit close last year with our Funding, but a few changes to our ways of working, bringing Simon Edge in to help with the advertising, sponsorship from Caterham Round Table, winning the Surrey Mirror Heart of the Community award and a Skipton Building Society award and above all, making a healthy profit from events like DeFest has really made a difference and will ensure that we are here for a couple more years.

I received some wonderful feedback last year, so thank you all very much for your kind words – (that doesn’t include the person who wrote some rude words on the blackboard in Chaldon Road!.  That resulted in a complaint so unfortunately the blackboard had to go even if it was only written in chalk).

Thank you also for the work that people have put in to organising the Festival events.  They don’t just happen, there are many people organising things, arranging things and just coming along on the day to help out.  Without you all the Festival couldn’t happen.

Last year there were 138 events.  I haven’t counted up how many this year, but for those of you who can’t wait for me to update the rest of this web site or for the Festival program to be delivered this week with the Caterham Independent over the next few days, I have attached a PDF copy here  Caterham Festival program

If you would like to run an event as part of the Festival please contact me on info@caterhamfestival.org

It is taken a few years, but the Festival logo, our Festival brand, is now recognised across the District, where you see the logo you know you will have a good time, good fun and get value for money.

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And finally a special thank you to all the staff at Tandridge Council who get many odd requests from me and assist us with many different tasks.  Six years ago I never thought we would be allowed to close the High Street, then we closed the Croydon Road and diverted buses, now we dig holes in the local park!

Andy Parr

Chairman, Caterham Festival


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