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Welcome to the 11th Caterham Festival.  Who would have thought that from a meeting called in 2008 that we would still be here?  Over the years I have met and made many friends, visited many wonderful groups and some very dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly. Being involved has certainly changed my life.

One of our biggest supporters since the beginning has been the Caterham and District independent.  The paper boys and girls have delivered our programs to the whole area. However, the newspaper has stopped printing but is readily available online.  It does mean we can’t avail ourselves with this valuable distribution service which is why we have asked some of you, to deliver them to your local roads.  For those that have volunteered, a very big thank you.

Last year, for the first time the Festival made a small profit and along with new sponsors that has allowed this event to continue.  I look forward to attending as many events as possible and trust that you will as well.

Caterham is a brilliant place in which to live and there is a great community spirit.  In or out of the EU, with many new developments in the area, that spirit will survive.  Lets all help to keep Caterham great.

Andy Parr MBE


(Yes, Still the Chairman – anyone else fancy a go?)

Information in this programme is correct at the time of going to press (April 2019) to the best of our knowledge. There may be some changes and updates will be posted on www.caterhamfestival.org when known.

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