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Welcome to the 2018 Caterham Festival.  Once again, we have many events for you to enjoy.  We trust there is something for everyone and what we originally envisaged as a week-long festival now runs for over 4 weeks.  This will be the 10th Caterham Festival with many of your favourite events as well as some new ones.  I hope you will all be able to get out and to try something different.

The Festival does cost a lot to put on and last year made a considerable loss.  Some events won’t happen this time but may return in the future.  We are now beneficiaries of the Tandridge lottery, please do buy a ticket and support us.

Many groups approach us and ask to do something for the Festival.  Fantastic news, it’s something for you, something else happening in Caterham and something that someone else is organising.  Happy to include such events in the Festival program.  Once again, the Miller centre are organising three days of Jazz at different locations in Caterham Valley and there are some top performers coming.

Further details about many events will soon be available on our website, caterhamfestival.org or on our Facebook page.  I hope I will see you there.

Each year I attend as many events as I can and have a great time meeting people and trying out new things.  I meet many different people there and it is a pleasure to see so many happy people doing something different.

To everyone who helps us by running events, by assisting at events and helping the organisers, I send my very grateful thanks.  Caterham is a marvellous place to live which is thanks to you all for making it that way.

A couple of new ideas this year – Lego and Murder Mystery

In some shops around Caterham there are Lego models, made by the Adult Fans of Lego of something that would normally be in that shop.  Can you spot them all? Clues will appear on the Caterham Festival web site

A Murder trail specially arranged for the Caterham Festival. Buy a Guide (£2.00) from Computer Solutions Caterham Hill or either JJ Browne’s the Jewellers in Caterham Valley, from the 24th May then follow the clues to see if you can find the answer to ‘who done it’?  Answers will be on here in July

Andy Parr M.B.E.

Still the Chairman – anyone else fancy a go?

Information in this programme is correct at the time of going to press (April 2017) to the best of our knowledge. There may be some changes and updates will be posted on www.caterhamfestival.org when known.

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