Team Caterham

Some people have the time to be able to volunteer regularly either as something like a carer everyday, carnival a Scout Leader once a week,or a committee member everythree months or so.  Whatever time you have to give is always appreciated.

Other people, due to family or work commitments are unable to volunteer on a regular basis, so we formed Team Caterham.

This is a group of people who receive occasional emails from the Caterham Volunteer Centre notifying them of forthcoming events and asking for assistance.  It might be stewarding at the Rotary runs, helping Round Table at the fireworks, stopping traffic for 20 mins whilst the Caterham Carnival procession goes past, making lanterns on a Saturday morning for the Christmas Light parade or helping at the street party

If they are available they volunteer but if it is something they don’t think they could do or are already out that day it doesn’t matter.

If you are interested in joining the team please call the Caterham Volunteer Centre on 01883 340000 or email them or

What ever time you have to give will always be appreciated

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